Ganesha on A Swing – Pattachitra

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Painting of Lord Ganesha on hand made Pattachitra. Ideal for room decor. Artwork by Harsha Joshi

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This traditional Indian art Pattachitra resembles the Indian deity Ganesha on a swing .
Ganesha is believed to be the god of knowledge, wisdom and prosperity. And he is worshipped before any other deity in the Hindu Tradition. Therefore, it is believed to be auspicious to have the face or idol of Lord Ganesha in the home.

About the Art:

In Sanskrit, Pattachitra literally means cloth painting; ‘pata’ (cloth), and ‘chitra’ (painting). This form of artwork was first conceptualized in Orissa and dates back to the 5th century. According to historical evidence, the first forms of Patachitra art originated in the village of ‘Puri, where this artwork is still quite popular.

One of the oldest forms of artwork found in Orissa, Patachitra (also spelled as Pattachitra) art is fascinating, depicts Hindu mythological tales and wonders. Primarily based on these stories from the past, Patachitra art is vibrant, unique and is a fine display of dexterous Indian craftsmanship at its best. This kind of artwork has a traditional appeal and is intrinsic with Indian values, customs and rituals, which are a part and parcel of the Hindu faith and religion.

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