How to Order

Ordering your favorite item from the Speaking Stones’ Shop is as easy as one two three.

Open the Shop

You can see the catalogue of our products and offerings on our Shop page. To visit the Shop Page, go over to the site header (click the hamburger menu icon in mobile and tablet devices) and click on the menu item named ‘Shop’. This will lead you directly to our shop page.

Select an Item

From the many offerings of Speaking Stones, select the one which lures you the most. You can filter the items through the ‘Filter’ button towards the left top of the catalogue. Once you have decided the item to buy, you can click on the ‘Add to Cart’ Button. In case you are still not sure, click on the name of the item and you will be taken to the product page where you can:

Read details and Add to Cart

It is important to look at the item in and around, have a good check of the offering and be sure. You can read the product descriptions, detailed information about the product and customer reviews too. Once you are satisfied enough, you can click the ‘Add to Cart’ Button.


Once you click on the Add to Cart button, you will notice the icon on the top right of the page will now have an icon with a number in it. This portrays the number of items in your cart. You can hover over the cart icon on the desktop and mac, and click on the cart icon on mobile and tablets. This will show you an option to either see full cart and to go straight to the checkout. On the cart page, you can add, subtract or delete your cart items, and also enter discount code, if you have any.


The checkout page brings you one step closer to the product. All you have to do is just sign in and complete payment. In case you are not yet signed up with the Speaking Stones website, you can register through the Checkout page itself. This page gives you another chance at entering the discount code if you have one. You can choose your preferred payment option and complete the payment.


Voila! Your order has been placed and you will be updated similarly on the next page and also your email ID. Your work here is now done, we will start working on your product and make efforts to deliver the product to you.

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