Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take commission/custom orders? What is the turnaround time?

Yes, you can also order artwork for your required specifications. The skilled artists at Speaking Stones will get it made for you in most cases.
The turnaround time for custom order requests depends on a lot of factors, like Artists’ availability, the nature of work etc.
You can contact us with your requirements and we will let you know the expected turnaround time in your case.

Do you do International shipping? Ho much time does it takes? How much is customs and taxes?

We do not currently take international orders, but plan to implement it soon. Stay tuned for updates.

I received a faulty or damaged artwork. What do I do?

If you receive a damaged package, please share the pics of the package with us so that we can help you replace or return it. Read the full guidelines for Returns and Replacements

What if I don’t like the artwork? What is your return policy?

Read full Return and Refund policy here.

I don’t find a size matching my requirement?

In case you don’t find a size that you are looking for, you can always contact us with details of your art requirements and we will work out a way to help you with the same.

Do you offer frames with the artworks?

This depends on the product that you are buying. The frame details will be mentioned in the artwork’s description. It is possible to un-frame a framed artwork on request of the buyer. However, for some artworks, it is difficult to ship with the frame, and in other it is difficult to ship without the frame. So in short, check the description.

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