Tangle Proof Your Earphones and Chords with Stuff You Already Have

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

We all want to live in a world where the earphones just do not tangle inside your bag or pockets. No matter how cleanly we roll them or fold them, they just find a way to be tangled again. And right at the moment when you want to use them, they will make sure that you give at least five to six minutes to untangle them before you can connect it to the phone. The ideal solution that comes to mind for this is chords protector. But since, I did not have access to the online or offline market during the lockdown(and also, because I am a little lazy). I decided to make my own chord protectors. Read below how I tangle proofed my earphones with this DIY Chord Protector Guide.

Why do we even need a Chord Protector?

Well, for starters, we never want our chords to break or tear, especially right before or during an important call, or a crucial zoom meeting. We don’t want to listen to our favorite song on the relatively crappy phone speaker.

And we all want a reason to not respond to stupid questions by people around. “Sorry, can’t hear you over the music”. So there is definitely a need for Chord Protectors for our earphones. And not just earphones, even your USB cable, various connectors, basically any cable needs protection from tears due to a sudden pull or jerk.

While the modern premium branded cables have decend durability, at the end of day, it is also just a cable. And what harm can an additional layer of protection cause?

Why to DIY the Chord Protectors?


Being a creative person, I always find it interesting to venture into possibilities of creating new things. And I often find new ways to decorate make stuff around me, with other stuff around me. And all that because I can. I think we should all try to make new things. It keeps our minds fresh and can be a mood maker.

Silly reasons aside, a DIY Chord Protector can be customised as you like it to be. You can add colours, change colours, replace material, and whatnot in a chord protector that you have made yourself. Plus, the one I am making in this tutorial, can be made with stuff lying around you, so no explicit cost of making it. Anyway, you can always buy chord protectors from your local markets or amazon or flipkart, etc. (Buy from these links if you are going to, it will support the channel).

How to make the Chord Protector?

There can never be just a single way to make Chord protectors. However, I have demonstrated a way of making your very own personalised Chord Protectors in this video I made recently. You can follow the instructions in the video for guidance.

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