Our Story

For the Artists, By the Artists

The First Kick

We are of the firm opinion that when the right inspiration strikes, the world is your canvas. And picking up that palette, Harsha started portraying stories, messages, and emotions by painting beach stones. It was the start of something new, something 

blank canvas
maker launch

What Speaking Stones stands for?

Money has always been a major sore spot for artists. Many of them (especially young ones) do not know how to sell their art so that they can earn a couple of days worth bread. They either don’t have access to the ready market, don’t know how to reach the target audience for their art, or just simply lack the resources to properly market their art.

Speaking Stones aims to be that catalyst who can help these creators practice the art without sweating about the commerce. Speaking Stones is a platform for budding and senior artists, to come forward and make their art a viable source of income and recognition.

How Speaking Stones Helps

We help the creators in more ways than one. 

  • We provide a ready network of interested audience to showcase your artwork.
  • We organise periodic exhibitions to provide the required publicity to deserving artists.
  • We conduct various workshops to train and empower new and upcoming artists in the field of visual art.
  • We function as a community of artists who share their experiences and tips with each other.

For the Art Lovers, By the Art Lovers

Finally A Place to Purchase Quality Art!

There is Myntra and Jabong for clothes, there is Grofers and Big Basket for groceries, there is Amazon and Flipkart for pretty much everything, but there are not many platforms where a genuine Art Lover will find awesome art for his or her taste.

While Other ‘All Purpose’ store list artworks on their platform too, we think purchasing art from Speaking Stones is preferable because of the reasons as under.



Best from the Best

We feature artworks featuring art forms like Mandana, Mandala, Madhubani, Maori, Ceramics, Bihari paper Mâché and a lot more. We plan to expand this list to a lot more very soon. 

And don’t you worry about the quality of the work, we handpick and/or handcraft each and every piece of art on this platform. 

Need Recommendations?

We are Art Lovers before being Art Sellers. We understand what you might like and what not. In case you need any recommendation, you can reach out to us through our contact page


Having Issues?

Our Support is also handled by experienced artists and avid art lovers, who can easily understand your issues and provide support accordingly.

Order? Order!

Are you looking for something specific, that is either not available in our gallery or out of stock, you can order it for yourself and we will get it done by our skilled artists according to your requirements .


Looking for Something Specific?

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